Living naked on the Ile du Levant

The Ile du Levant is a Mediterranean island situated off the coast of the town of Le Lavandou on the French Riviera. It is one of the three islands (the other two being Port-Cros and Porquerolles) that constitute the Iles d’Or (or Iles d’Hyères).

In 1931 two doctors, Gaston and André Durville, created on the island the first naturist community in Europe (Héliopolis). Their objective was to offer to the inhabitants an exceptional environment where they could revitalise themselves away from the stress of the mainland: year-round sunshine; inlets and sandy beaches; turquoise and clear sea; no private cars and public lighting, walks in the nature reserve.

The naturism is practicable everywhere, obligatory on all the places of swimming, prohibited on the harbor and the administrative buildings. To you baths of sun, light, sea, pure air and silence.

The village square and its inviting terraces
The village square and its inviting terraces




To know more about the Ile du Levant

and upcoming seasonal events ...,


visit the website of the community.

Visit the Facebook's page: Ile du Levant officiel


The island is also a real paradise for scuba divers.

You can dive in the National Park of Port-Cros which is rated

as one of the “Top 40” most beautiful diving spots in the world! Grouper,

barracuda, conger and moray eels are among

the species that you will be able to see.

See the website of the Centre SUN Plongée de Port-Cros;

they will come and collect you from the Port du Levant.

You can sing in the choir " Les Voix dans Levant " conducted by Thierry from the Youkali. 


Massages, Naturist yoga.


Rental of canoes, kayaks, boats and motor boats at the port.


Volleyball tournaments organised by ADIL.


Naked Hiking: 

Cultural programming of Agir O Levant

To the annual naturist cruise and protect naturism, join Le Levant Naturiste


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Yesterday or today, le Levant

Visit the website of Tourist Office of Hyères

Visit the website of the National Park of Port-Cros

Visit the website of the Île de Porquerolles.

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